Witch Ball Protection

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Witch balls have been traditionally used for hundreds of years for protection against witches and witchcraft. Original witch balls were a glass ball with strands of blown glass inside. Hung inside the home, in a window or above an entrance, It was believed that a witch or spirit would get trapped in the ball and the strands of glass was thought to confuse them or more so act like prison bars so it it could not escape being trapped in the ball. And when the sun came up it was believed to disintegrate the trapped entity with the dawn. 

My handmade witch balls are a new take on this old protection. I have replaced the confusion of glass strands with spanish moss which is highly regarded for its entangling and trapping properties. To this I added a myriad of protective items, herbs, powders (pulvos) and topped with a rooster feather because roosters are always watchful and on guard to protect. But this item not only protects the area but will effectively return any witchcraft to the sender. Like a catchers mitt it will catch any brujeria thrown in your vicinity and toss it back to the pitcher. For negative spirit invasion it acts like a vacuum sucking them in and keeping them trapped where they can do no harm.

Can be used in a home, vehicle or business 


*Sold as a curio only