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Primitive Roots Conjure
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So what are jack balls? A Jack ball is a derivative of a container spell; it has herbs, roots, curios, minerals, dirts, animals and personal concerns that are contained in a little wax ball wrapped in twine. They can be used to influence people and events. They can be used as talismanic objects, they can be apotropaic and ward off, they can be used as objects of personal power and insight, luck & success, as a pendulum and for much much more! 

Also sometimes called Luck Balls, Jack-balls are similar to mojo bags in that they each hold herbs, root, and/or curios which are believed to attract or repel certain influences. Same as a mojo or gris gris a Jack Ball  must be fed regularly with tobacco smoke, cologne waters, liquor and/or conjure oils. The most traditional way to feed a Jack Ball is with urine. A Jack Ball is usually either used as a pendulum in order to divine answers to yes or no questions or is swung around by the practitioner in order to produce a magical effect. 

With this purchase I will custom make you a personalized Jack Ball for a specific effect.

Please read carefully the following directions.

When you purchase this item you must include in your order notes the type of Jack Ball you want from the list below and this purchase will require you to send taglocks (personal items IE: hair, fingernails and/or toenails) these items must be sent to me to create your personalized Jack Ball. The Ball will not start being crafted until i recieve personal items from you. Your custom Jack Ball will come with instructions and a sample bottle of feeding oil.

Types of Jack Balls:


*Luck & success ~

This ball is great for luck in all things, especially gambling and games of chance but can also be utilized in any situation you need a little luck, such as seeking employment or aapplying for a new apartment. 

*Protection  ~

provides additional protection from both spiritual and physical world threats

*Astral Communication  ~

enhance communication with spirits and astral realms 


*Attract Love 


     *Road Opening  ~ 

Clear obstacles and blocks or consult when you are indecisive or unsure which path to take in a situation 




*Attract a Specific Person ~

for this Jack Ball I will also require in addition to your own personal affects, also affects from your target love


*Sold as a curio only 

*External use only