War Water .5oz

Primitive Roots Conjure
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Use where ever you want to cause a quarrel, fight or war. Also known as Mars Water since the Roman deity Mars was the god of war and his symbolic metal was iron, this red water became a tool for laying tricks against an enemy by means of hostile foot track magic, causing "poisoning through the feet" and making everyone in the household quarrel and fight one another. One old use is you shake a bottle up and hurl it at the doorstep of your enemy, where it should break, leaving a rusty, dangerously sharp mess for them to step in. Another use is as protection. wash your doorstep with war water if you know an enemy is going to pay a visit.
My war water has been made with coffin nails and violent thunder storm water as well as several other things. This is what makes mine so potent

*External use only 

*sold as a curio only 

*image is of master bottle and not representative of what you will recieve