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Ancestor oil, also called Muerto oil is used to really open up communication with your own ancestors and dead. Use it to dress their candles or anything you offer to them, or just as an offering in itself to venerate them. Your own ancestors are your best and strongest allies in the spirit so you want the best possible communication. The dead absolutely love this oil

This is a specialty oil that is only made in small batches because it is so tedious to make. This formula is one of my best smelling oils, I recieved the recipe from my own bakulu and it must sit with them and infuse for a full 3 months before its ready.
*External use only
*Do Not ingest or use internally
*Sold as a curio
*Image is of master bottle and is not representative of what you will recieve.


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    Bakulu Ancestor Oil

    Posted by PF on Mar 22nd 2020

    I (more importantly, my Ancestors seem to) like this so much that I've reordered more. It's part of my daily offerings to my Ancestors.

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    Amazing power

    Posted by Marlene on May 3rd 2018

    I dressed a candle.with this and dripped a lion my hand by accident and I could feel such a strong vibration coming from my hand. I reaction from my working had a smooth transition but was immediate. When it was over, the vibration of my hand stopped so I know it wasn't a reaction to the ingredients. I bought a few more things in the same order and I really didn't need them but I can't wait to try them out! Especially now that I have a target for my hot foot powder! Funny how things go. I ordered it and suddenly I have a problem that needs some hot footing!