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Primitive Roots Conjure
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Setting of lights is a service that consists of a 7 day candle dressed with the appropriate roots, dirts, herbs, petitions, items, powders and oils which is prayed over and worked daily with my spirits until its conclusion. You will receive pics at the start and the end along with a report of how spirit received the work IE: if all is well, if theres a block in the work exce. *you must include valid email address to receive images and report*

*You MUST include a messege/note with purchse with the clients full legal name and date of birth* 

 General Prayers & Blessings

This work is done to bring abundant blessings into your life or for a general prayer for a situation. It's also good for the recent passing of a loved one to provide them light and elevation in their darkness as they transition. 

*This item is a Service, not a physical product you will recieve 

*sold as a curio and for entertainment purposes only