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Yarrow can be used in a number of spells including:



     Love Spells


Yarrow is usually referred to as the witches herb. Our hero herb Yarrow is steeped in myth and legend. it is one of the world’s oldest medicinal plants and has been used since ancient times to protect and heal. Yarrow has many funny nicknames including Nosebleed and Old Man's Pepper, in fact if you have a nosebleed, you can stuff the leaves up your nose to stop the blood flow! Antiseptic and anti- inflammatory, it has a dual ability to rapidly staunch blood flow, whilst also circulating oxygen around the wound. Achillea, as it’s sometimes known, is named after the Greek hero Achilles who legend has it, used the herb to heal his soldiers wounds after battle, hence its other nick names, Soldier's Woundwort and Herbal Militaris.

In some spells and charms, it earned the name "devil's nettle" because it was believed to be used in evil spells and rituals. Despite this early negative connotation, yarrow is often used for protection, being hung above doors or a baby's cradle to keep evil at bay. Wearing yarrow is also said to protect the wearer while holding it can bring courage. Yarrow is also said to increase psychic powers and has traditionally been used for enhanced divination. 

yarrow can be used to ensure a long, happy marriage. Carrying yarrow is said to bring love and friendship while hanging a bunch of dried yarrow over a bed or used in wedding decorations is said to ensure a love lasting at least seven years.

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