Rue (Ruda) 1oz

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Rue (Ruda) is also known as "The Herb of Grace". It has been used in magic rituals since antiquity. The ancient Romans believed rue could protect the user from the evil eye. The rue herb is used for protection. It can be used in baths and candles, and it can be carried in pouches. A witch can use rue to protect and strengthen her aura and promote health, concentration and love. Rue has a strong scent that cats typically find repugnant. Since cats have historically been associated with witches, rue has been used as a talisman to ward off witches and their familiars since the Middle Ages. Rue is one of the more popular plants used in purification rituals and In cleansing ceremonies. Incenses made from rue can be used to purify a house and purge it of negative energies. The smoke purifies the area. As the worker carries the incense through their home, they recite a psalm or sing. Rue is a common element in protection magic. Mix rue with spring water and hyssop and sprinkle it around the home to remove a jinx or invite peaceful vibrations. Putting a bag of rue above the front door wards off the evil eye. 

*~NOTE~* Rue has abortive properties and is not recommended for use in baths by pregnant women

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