RoseHips 1oz

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Rosehips are a wonderful botanical to use for love and peace. Try adding some whole rosehips to magical pot pourri to create a peaceful, calm atmosphere. Use rosehips in a ritual bath and spellwork concerning love, soulmates and companionship. Crush and add to incense, add to sachets and charm bags or string on a necklace as part of a love attracting ritual. Place rose hips around the home to bring back harmony and peace if there has been a great deal of disharmony or upheaval.

Rosehips have been used as a charm to attract health and wealth. The belly-shaped fruit, packed with seeds, is a symbol of prosperity and fertility. The fruits placed beneath the pillow protect the sleeper against nightmares and nasty spirits that seek to disturb the nightly peace. 

Rosehips have also long appreciated for the fine hairs and tiny seeds concealed inside, which is employed as itching powder.

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