Road Opener Fixed Candle

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Do you want to attempt doing some work on your own but not sure what ingredients to use or what will work well? I've taken all that guess work and done it for you with my ready to go fixed spell candles. These 6" candles come ready to go with all the herbs, powders, dirts and oils already affixed. All need to do is add your prayers, intent and light!

This my Road Opener Candle. Road Opening I consider a maintenance type work that should be done regularly to keep your path cleared of obstacles. Do you feel blocked? Does every goal seem to hit a brick wall and liked all the doors in your life are locked? This orange 6" candle has been affixed with all the proper herbs, oils, powders and dirts to help clear your path, open your roads and doors and remove those obstacles blocking your goals and potential. 

You will receive 1 ready to go fixed Road Opener candle. This candle is intended for single use, for best results do not snuff or blow out the candle; but let it burn to completion. 


Always use caution when burning any candle. Keep the flame away from wind and anything  that catch fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

*Sold as a curio only


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    Road Opener Fixed Candle

    Posted by Paul Frohlich on Mar 22nd 2020

    I was excited when I saw the Fixed Candles appear on this site. I've been pleased with the customer service as well as the other items I've purchased from Munu Midnight and I'm just as pleased with these candles! (I purchased a few of them.) They are nicely fixed with a good amount of fixin's (dirts, powders, herbs, etc.). And, thanks to the careful packaging, the fixin's stayed on the candle through the shipping all the way to my using it. A real nice job. There's a lot of good stuff on these candles, which says to me that they'll work on my behalf. But it also means you have to keep your eye on them as they burn. I know that's common sense and even in the product description but you want to be prepared if any of the good fixin's catch fire. tl;dr: Good quality candle, true color (a peeve of mine) and nicely dressed. Pleased with my purchase!