Organic Pennyroyal 1oz

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Pennyroyal is an herb of peace and protection when worn or carried. It is placed in the shoe when traveling to prevent weariness and to add strength. It wards off evil and aids in business negotiations. Pennyroyal will cause a quarreling couple to quit fighting and prevents seasickness. Tied on the bedpost, it sharpens the brain and wits. Pennyroyal kept in a bowl brings peace to the household. It is used to bathe the body of the deceased to bring a peaceful transition to the next life. Seamen scattered Pennyroyal on rough seas to calm them. You can carry Pennyroyal on board ships to prevent seasickness.

In hoodoo- PENNYROYAL is widely thought to be a powerful Guardian and to Ward Off Evil. To break a hex, a jinx, or a curse is also said to bring Tranquility to the Home, to Help Solve Marital Problems, and to bring Good Luck in Family Matters. For this reason it is an ingredient in Peaceful Home Oil. Some burn dried PENNYROYAL LEAVES as a clearing incense in the home, along with Blue Candles, or they keep a bowl of the herb on their home altar at all times.

Pennyroyal is used to ward off evil and also to remove curses, bad luck or a jinx etc it will also break an hex so its powerful stuff. Because it wards off evil and other negative energies using Pennyroyal in your home will bring a feeling of peace and calmness. I normally sprinkle a few drops into an oil burner or onto a display of pot pourri. I also find Pennyroyal very cleaning for my aura so a drop in the bath is great for restoring balance, removing negativity and energising. Pennyroyal is also used during exorcisms.This oil can be used for anointing magickal tools, rubbed into the body or added to a bath. It can also be added to potpourri or incense and can also be used to anoint charm bags, mojo bags and other talismans and amulets. It is also excellent for anointing candles and altars.

 *sold as a curio only 

*external use only