Organic Oregano 1oz

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         Uses for Oregano 

  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Travel
  • Communication
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Prophetic dreams

Oregano was loved as a medicinal herb by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It was used to treat a wide variety of ailment, from snake bites to nausea. The magickal properties of oregano include happiness, protection, love and communication among many others. The Greeks believed that oregano was a good antidote to poison and used it to treat skin irritations and convulsions. Aristotle believed it was good against snake bites as he had observed tortoises eating oregano immediately after they had been bitten by a snake. Hippocrates also believed strongly in the healing powers of oregano and used it regularly to treat gastrointestinal issues. He was also one of the first people to realise it’s strongly antiseptic properties. During the Middle Ages, oregano was widely used for its medicinal properties. People would chew the raw herb to help with everything from a toothache, to indigestion to coughs and colds. 

If you want to bring a feeling of joy and lightness into your home, then use oregano by making a few small sachets and hang these all over the house to call pure joy to you. Planting oregano in your garden or keeping a plant in your kitchen will provide protection from negativity. Having an oregano plant in an office or room where there is often a lot of tension will reduce these feelings and help to lessen the blow of any harsh words spoken. 

If you are planning on travelling, place a little oregano in your shoes to ensure that your journey is easy, safe and fun. 

Cooking with oregano will bring your guests or yourself joy while also opening the channels of communication, meaning that you’ll end up having interesting and lively conversations.  

Bathing in oregano will help to calm you and will give you clarity and courage if you are facing a tough situation. If you want to forget an ex, take a sprig of oregano and pinch off the top few leaves. Inhale the scent of the oregano deeply then drop the sprig and leaves and walk away with intention. 

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