Lucky Hand Mojo

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Lucky Hand is a conjure staple. In this Mojo is a spirit that must be fed weekly to work just like any other spirit. For lucky hand you will feed with Rum or Hyots cologne (not included) Carry this mojo everyday for luck and good fortune in all you do. If gambling rub it in your hands and speak to it before you place a bet. Shake it over the machine or rub it on your bet money or chips to gain the upper hand. Unlike a Gris Gris a mojo can be opened so you can add your own lucky charms or sigils as well. You will recieve additional instructions with your mojo. I custom make these per order, I even create and sew the bag by hand so please allow a week to create your hand. If you have any questions please contact me PRIOR to purchase for consult.

*External use only
*Do Not ingest or use internally
*Sold as a curio
*Image is an example and might not be exactly what you will recieve.