Galangal Root (Low John, Chewing John) 1 oz

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Galangal Root otherwise known as Low John or Chewing John is one of the most useful conjure roots. Renowned for use in court cases, many a suspect, plaintiff and lawyers would go to court with a piece of chewing john in their mouth seeking justice. It is always one of the main ingredients in any court case mojo. But it allegedly has many other uses as well. It is excellent for uncrossing and protection. Galangal Root is used for its Psychic ability, luck, money, courage, strength, protection, sex magick and for avoiding legal problems. Worn or carried, it protects and draws good luck. Place it in a leather mojo bag with silver, to draw money. Galangal is burned to break spells and curses. It is also carried or sprinkled around the home to promote lust. Worn as a talisman, galangal aids psychic development and guards the wearer's health.

 A typical spell prescribes its use in court case magic: Chew the root, swallow the juice and discretely spit the "cud" onto the courtroom floor before the judge walks in; he will decide the case in your favour.

*Sold as a curio only 

*external use only