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What’s a dream pillow you ask? Typical ‘dream pillows’ are a small pillow filled with relaxing herbs that promote restful sleep. My 100% handmade dream pillows not only include the calming herbs but I have also included herbs, powders & roots that will promote lucid dreaming, helping in clarity, dream memory retention and dream state eyesight, enhanced spirit communication (especially ancestors) and also some protective items to assist in staving off nightmares and spirit plane attacks. 

To use simply place the dream pillow in your pillowcase between your bed pillow and pillowcase and rest your head on it. These pillows measure 8in x 10in and about a half inch thick. They are made to lay flat inside your pillow case but there are loose herbs inside so bunching and clumping can occur. Simply adjust it and flatten it out again if this occurs. 

*sold as a curio only

*Washing is not reccomended 


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    Dream Pillow

    Posted by Renee Luna on Oct 26th 2020

    I could smell the herbs through the packaging and it smelled wonderful. I ordered this pillow for someone special because they had problems sleeping peacefully due to night mares. Along with this pillow and instruction from Niki , she is no longer having the night mares and is sleeping soundly. I’ve purchased several products from Niki and they ALL do what she advertises them to do. Excellent source of authentic and effective products. I truly feel blessed to have been guided to Primitive Roots Conjure.

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    Dream pillow

    Posted by Rebecca Lucas on Oct 26th 2020

    Since I work overnight, sleep is difficult for me because I cannot sleep much during the day.vThe dream pillow has helped me sleep deeply. I used it two times so far, the first night I could see the walls of my room even though my eyes were closed. As the veil is thinner this time of year, things will progressively become more clear. I haven't slept that well in a long time! This is s a must for all, but especially those who work irregular shifts. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

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    Dream pillow

    Posted by Gypsy moon on Feb 11th 2020

    First night of using it I immediately started having dreams spirits were trying to communicate with me and gave me messages I was able to sleep peaceful and it smells delightful