Crown of Triumph Fixed Candle

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Do you want to attempt doing some work on your own but not sure what ingredients to use or what will work well? I've taken all that guess work and done it for you with my ready to go fixed spell candles. These 6" candles come ready to go with all the herbs, powders, dirts and oils already affixed. All need to do is add your prayers, intent and light!

This my Crown of Triumph fixed Candle. The main purpose is facilitating your overall success in life and helping you accomplish goals in any arena. Therefore, it is the ideal for endeavors such as apartment hunting, preparing for a job interview, job hunting, or merely attaining some long-coveted objective. It effectively helps you eliminate many barriers and build bridges to success. A number of major life events and circumstances provide great opportunities for its use. Just a few examples are receiving well-deserved recognition for your efforts, creating a competitive occupational edge, bolstering business success, or landing that long-overdue job promotion. It is even effective in some legal and love matters. This yellow 6" candle has been affixed with all the proper herbs, oils, powders and dirts to help you be successful in all types of goals.

You will receive 1 ready to go fixed Crown of Triumph candle. This candle is intended for single use, for best results do not snuff or blow out the candle; but let it burn to completion. 

Always use caution when burning any candle. Keep the flame away from wind and anything  that catch fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

*Sold as a curio only


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    Crown of Triumph Fixed Candle

    Posted by Lydia on Oct 19th 2020

    This candle burned very bright and tall in a way I've never seen a candle burn before. It lasted for hours and was magical to watch the flames. I waited to use the candle at a moment I felt I needed it most and felt helpless over the outcome. I am happy to say the situation completely turned around for the better within the next 24hrs. Thank you for your great work Munu Midnight!