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Primitive Roots Conjure
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My Kongo oil is one of my specialty oils and it is the oil of transformation. Be advised that this will bring about rapid and extreme changes. Make sure that you are ready for what you ask for, It may not be a pleasant journey. This oil can be used therapeutically in a situation where someone is going through great changes.  Sometimes things hit some people harder than others.

It can also be a booster ingredient in other oils used in workings wherein great change is required for it to “stick”.  If an addiction or bad habit needs to be broken or a connection severed, this is a good addition.  It will tear things that need to be torn, and break things that need to break.  Notice I am using destructive words here.  So use this oil with extreme caution or as a last resort when the normal work or tactics haven’t worked.

 I recieved the recipe from my own Bakulu and it sits with them and infuse for a full 3 months before its ready.

*External use only
*Do Not ingest or use internally
*Sold as a curio
*Image is of master bottle and is not representative of what you will recieve.


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    Must have arsenal piece!

    Posted by Marlene on May 3rd 2018

    I bought this along with other specialty oils to have on hand just in case and after trying a few of Mrs Nikki's other oils, I have to say I'm a little frightened to try this one! I hear such good reviews and been a part of her you tube lives so I thought I would like to try a few of her creations. Well, hold on to your seats is all I have to say... I usually use my own creations and they work well. I like to support other highly credible brujas and I can say is this lady takes the cake. Her creations are full of ashe, that life energy and spirit that you can feel. I'm glad I stocked up on her specialty oils. And after trying a few, I think this one I'm gonna have to leave as a last resort as she suggested! Good looking out mamma justify. I know exactly what I'm gonna do with this baby especially if my target is gonna continue to be stubborn!