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Arnica is a member of the Asteraceae (or Compositeae) family along with sunflowers and dandelions. Arnica has been wildly popular in Germany for centuries where it claims over 100 medicinal uses for everything from heart disease to anemia. Its used by Native Americans and the early settlers for a variety of uses as well.

It most commonly used in magic to protect against low vibrational energies and spiritual attack. This herb is sometimes referred to as Wolfsbane and is a great herb to have in your witches cabinet to defend against those who are emotionally draining aka energy vampires.

Perfect for empaths!

Arnica is masculine in nature and associated with Midsummer, the harvest and harvest spirits. It is aligned with the sun and the element of fire

To drive away thunderstorms burn arnica and say “Set arnica alight, set arnica alight, thunderstorm take flight.”

It can be used in general protective rituals as well as rituals for the fertility of crops.

Arnica can be planted around an area to keep a spirit from entering or leaving. It will only work until the plant dies back in the fall.

*ALLERGIES NOTE:  If you are allergic to any other member of the Compositae family (ragweed, for example) you are probably allergic to arnica

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