Alfalfa 1oz

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Alfalfa is the herb for money, prosperity, finances, health and good luck.

In the eyes of our ancestors, lush fields overflowing with cattle were the surest sign of wealth. It’s not hard to see how this bright green, nutritious herb became known as a charm against want. Hoodoo practitioners use it as both a money-drawing herb, and protection for existing assets and businesses. Alfalfa is used for money matters of all kinds, from gambling, to business success, to obtaining a bank loan. It is also used to prevent poverty. To bring about Good Fortune in all sorts of Money Matters, both through Business Success and through Good Luck in Gambling. It is particularly said to keep away poverty and prevent financial troubles. Some folks tell us that that they like to sprinkle alfalfa under the carpets in their place of business to attract and hold Steady Paying Customers or Gain the Boss’s Favor. It is a very nutritious plant and is associated with good health and sustenance.

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