Classes can be purchased separately or as an entire course 

Purchase of classes is nonrefundable. Classes will be recorded by the instructor. If you are unable to attend the live video class a recording will be sent to within one week of its end. 

By purchasing this class you agree that All information provided in the class is property of the instructor. The Disclosing Party desires to be assured that the proprietary information owned by them shall not be disclosed to any third party without their consent and shall be maintained and protected by the Receiving Party; 

The information under this agreement to be declared or constituted as Confidential by the Disclosing Party, regardless of whether such information was provided before or after the date of this Agreement shall be, but not limited to the following 

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants included in this agreement, both parties agree as follows: 

1Product Information - This refers to all specifications for products produced by the Disclosing Party as well as the products resulting from or related to work or projects performed or to be performed for the Disclosing Party or for its clients, or information about the product during research and development; 

2Service Information - This refers to information relating to services provided by the Disclosing Party such as but not limited to manpower, scheduling, education, training, and maintenance 

3Intellectual Property - This refers to all information creation of the mind such as inventions, designs, symbols, names, and images created for commerce, such as but not limited to logos, computer codes and algorithms both in human-readable and machine-readable form, reports, technical designs, database structure, charts, and other document design specifications, including music which may be subject to copyright. 

4Mutual Agreement - Purchaser agrees and has been made away that recording will be taking place. Purchaser agrees that they have given permission to be recorded for the duration. Purchaser agrees that mentioned recording will be shared with every other purchasing party. Both parties of purchaser and disclosing party agree that mentioned recordings will not be published or shared outside purchaser parties.


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