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I'm happy to start offering community light settings at a discounted rate. I've found that doing a working as a community lends more strength to the ritual. The more people that are involved and praying for the same outcome the better the manifestation 

This service is for prosperity, luck, money & finances. We should all be mindful of our prosperity work. After all, we all need money and financial blessings. This candle service is a wonderful and affordable way to keep your prosperity flowing in a positive direction. By purchasing this service I will include a 6" green candle in the ritual inscribed with your name and petition, dressed in all the appropriate herbs, oils, soil and powders and worked with my spirits until its completion. You will recieve 2 images via email with this purchase, one of your personal candle and 1 of the full service setting.

~NOTE~ When you purchase this service please include your full name (including maiden if married), date of birth and your petition if you have one

This service is performed monthly on the 2nd Saturday of the month

*Sold as a curio only 

*For entertainment purposes 


  • 5
    Worked fast

    Posted by Lori Greiner on May 14th 2021

    I needed medical supplies and didn't know if my insurance would cover it. It covered mostly all of it except for two items.

  • 5
    Community light settimngs

    Posted by Gabriele on Nov 18th 2020

    offered several times monthly she open various portals that coincide with the astrological forcast to a collective cummunity setting of lights....i like them so much i do them all.....with great results....

  • 5
    Seriously incredible!

    Posted by Crystal Cunningham on Sep 18th 2020

    Wow, this one was a hit. Helped me find a much higher paying job and relieved my debt IN ONE WEEK. There's a reason Primitive Roots Conjure will always get my business! Thank you again!

  • 5
    Thank you for the work!

    Posted by Tracy R. on Aug 24th 2020

    I appreciate your community services and the chance to take part!

  • 5
    Prosperity service outcome

    Posted by Bre Spears on Feb 16th 2020

    Even though I am a practicing traditional witch myself, there are times and nothing wrong with stepping out and reaching to another worker for workings. I have never met or spoke with her but I can tell you she’s the only worker that I have ever allowed to do work for me. Two weeks ago I was a part of the prosperity community service and this is what happened afterwards I got a higher paying job, won a large winnings off of a scratch off ticket and had increased sales in my own online shop, plus received $800 of unexpected cash. That is how GOOD her workings are. And without a second thought I will be doing the Road Opener service. Blessed Be