Genuine Black Cat Bones #3

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Real deal genuine Black Cat Bones. 

In the African American Hoodoo Magical tradition, the black  cat bone is a common lucky charm. It is a very effective charm that is used to attract good luck and protection. It is also used by witches to achieve invisibility, for rebirth after death and in love spells.

 In Ancient Britain and Ireland, the black cat has always been a symbol of ill luck and good luck. It is said that if newly wedded couples found a black cat then it symbolizes prosperity in marriage. Sailors often carried black cats while sailing to avoid misfortune during their journey.  In Scotland, having a black cat in your home symbolizes prosperity and brings luck to the home.

How To Use The Black Cat Bone

There are numerous ways to use Black Cat Bones, here are just a few

For alleged Invisibility

The bone is placed in the mouth or under the tongue with the practitioner going about their business in silence.

To Return A Lost Love

The bone can be wrapped or tied with the lost love's personal effect or the bone can be placed in a mojo bag. When using the bone by itself it is usually dressed and blessed with condition oils and then pointed in the direction of the lost love while calling their name. The ritual may either be done at sunrise with the person rising from bed and performing the ritual without stopping to do anything else, not even talking or peeing. You simply wake up, grab your bone and go out the door. Another variant is to perform the ritual outside at midnight. The ritual is usually performed for multiple days, such as 7 or 9 days.

For Gambling

The bone is often tied with money, such as a $2.00 bill, or personal belongings of the practitioner and is dressed and blessed with condition oil or smoked with incense. The bone is then used as a lucky pocket piece. The bone can also be added to mojo bags.

For Harm

The bone can be powdered and used in various condition oils, powders, or potions for crossing enemies and bringing them harm and bad luck. A dressed and fixed black cat bone for harm can also be hidden on their property or in the the person's vehicle.

Over the years, laws were placed on the indiscriminate killing of black cats to prevent the complete extinction of this species. For this reason, nowadays most Hoodoo supply stores sell items labeled as “black cat bones” but most often these are usually small bones taken from a chicken and dyed black. Rest assured these are the real deal. I macerated and cleaned this cat myself.

In this listing you are purchasing 1 rib bone

*This animal died of natural causes and was not harmed in any way

*Sold as a curio only 

*External use only 


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